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Ian Jan Jenny and Bob

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The next morning – after Jenny had come to my bedroom, sucked and fucked me while Bob, her boyfriend, was in the next room – I went down to breakfast wary of what Bob would say and do.

They were late getting up – well, it was Saturday – but eventually Bob appeared.

“Morning Ian – hope you enjoyed Jenny last night, I wasn’t up to it, but she certainly seems to have enjoyed herself.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just continued to eat my breakfast.

Bob sensed my nervousness “No hard feelings,” he said “But keep this between us, and don’t expect it to happen again, OK?”

“OK.” In my defence, I could have said Jenny seduced me, not the other way around, but Bob already knew this, and so no more was said – at least not by Bob.

Time moved on quickly, and within 18 months Bob and Jenny were married, we went to the wedding as friends (by that time I had taken up with Jan), and have remained close friends ever since.

Another year later and Jan and I were married, and kids came along – Bob and Jenny had girls, while we had boys. Being the same age, we kept in touch, and as the children grew up took occasional holidays together – boating on the canals and sometimes camping.

During these trips, it was inevitable that, on occasion, Jenny and I were alone together, and although she teased me with the odd touch or kiss on the cheek, we never let it go further.

While my memories of that night stayed vivid, my main frustration was that I had never got to see and enjoy Jenny’s lovely body, it had been so dark, I had to rely on my imagination to see her breasts and nipples, and pussy. They moved away for Bob’s work, and we didn’t see them often, but Jenny fell pregnant again – by this time her girls were 8 and 6, and they visited shortly after the birth. Jenny was breast feeding and was not shy about feeding the baby in front of us, so I did eventually get to see her tits – her nipples chocolate brown and enlarged. I am sure Jenny did this deliberately to tease me.

Years went by, our children grew up went to Uni and got jobs, and we only met up once or twice a year for dinner. Then one day, Jenny phoned to say they were going on holiday to France, and would we like to come. They had found a nice Gite in the countryside and it was big enough for four of us. It so happened that we were also looking for a similar type of break, and so we all went off to France.
The Gite was lovely, right out in the sticks, and miles from anywhere. It had a hot tub outside on the deck, but no pool. We lazed around, reading novels, enjoyed the sun, drank lots of wine, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Halfway through the two week holiday, Jan realised that she had run out of her prescription pills (for blood pressure), and Bob offered to drive her to the village and help her at the pharmacy – his french was much better than mine. So, off they went, for pills and shopping, a journey which would take at least two hours, leaving me alone with Jenny.

The sun was already beating down and it was hot and humid, and no sooner had they driven off, than Jenny announced that she was going to cool off in the hot tub, and a glass of wine would be very welcome. I took the hint and found a fresh bottle, poured a couple of glasses, and took them out to the deck.

Jenny was immersed in the tub, but I immediately saw that she had taken off her bikini top and I could see her breasts in the bubbling water. “Come on in.” She ordered, so I gave her the wine and climbed in beside her.

To be continued

terry and wife

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terry had been my first cock,we had contacted each other through an internet site, we arranged to meet his the next friday.as arranged i phoned to make sure coast was clear, it was said will be there in 10 mins.
terry opened the door dressed in his dressing gown we walked in the lounge terry turned round dropping his robe,he stood stark naked his cock pointing upwards.i put my hand around his erection wanking along its length.
i placed his cock in my mouth as i removed my shirt, jeans,and finally my boxers. he reached down grasping my cock as he led me to the bedroom, he pushed me on the bed and moved on top of me rubbing his cock over mine, theres nothing like it 2 erect cocks against each other, we kissed long and hard our tongues in each others mouths still caressing our cocks together.
terry moved in to a 69 position as he sucked me off i licked along his crack pushing my tongue into his hole i heard him moan as i replaced my tongue with a finger and moving down to take his cock sucking along its length feeling all the veins i could taste his precum seeping out of its end.
i carried on sucking his cock while caressing his balls he started to moan and pushed his cock down my throat causing me to choke but he caried on thrusting his cock until i felt him tense as he emptied his cock into my mouth,
just then the bedroom door opened and there stood terrys wife, i tried to pull the bed covers over my naked cock as terry slipped his cock from my mouth but strangely my cock was still erect,wendy terrys wife stepped towards the bed telling us to carry on as she was going to watch ,she told terry to lay on the bed and i had to suck his dick as she romoved her blouse and skirt,wendy was about 35, 5ft tall, dark hair with lovely full tits,she stood in bra and knickers and hold ups.
asi sucked terry her fingers undid her bra releasing those lovely tits her fingers slid over the nipples making them stand out further, her other hand slid into her panties rubbing along her clit,she sat on the chair removing her panties we wanked our cocks watching wendy pull her lips apart inserting her fingers in her juicy hairy cunt.
i couldnt believe it my fantasy coming true wendy walked over kneeling over my mouth she said to terry i was going to lick her out while he wanked me off. she lowered her cunt onto my mouth i pushed my tongue into her hot juicy cunt as i felt terrys hand on my cock and balls, she rubbed her cunt along my mouth covering my face with her juice, terry put wendy on all fours i watched as his cock entered her cunt disappearing inside her icould feel my own cock throbbing as i watched them fuck i raised my head and licked them both terry slipped his cock into my mouth then back into wendys cunt.
wendy started to scream as she orgasmed again and again as terry emptied his load into her,i watched the spunk seep out as his cock slid from her cunt i raised my head licking it from her. she told terry to sit in the chair as she turned around facing my feet she leaned back taking hold of my cock then fed it into her cunt, it felt hot and wet my cock sliding in amongst both their juices, she started to fuck my cock sliding along its 7inches she sat on my cock holding my balls,
she started to fuck me quicker i said i wouldnt last long,she told terry to put his face near my cock he licked his wifes cunt as she rode my cock, i said i was cumming wendy told terry to open his mouth as she took my cock and wanked into her husbands mouth.
we layed there afterwards stroking each other wendy saying she liked to watch men together then join in, wendy watched as we sucked and fucked each other she even fed his cock into me and wanked me whilst her husband fucked me.we played for the rest of the day including both of us in wendy at once one horny couple.